Emergency Room pieces have always been and can only be produced with the help of skilled artisans that we’ve rallied and built strong, long-lasting relationships with.

Garment workers and engineers who believe in what we do, and are not afraid of challenges. Independent craftsmen and women who price their production according to their needs and the market’s fluctuations, embracing our values and vision of a fair industry.

Skilled seamstresses and tailors who relentlessly help us develop techniques and so seamlessly adapt to our ever-changing operations processes, joining our efforts in establishing a new kind of business model.


Tara W Kheit
A workshop in Tripoli which started as a cooperative of women having followed vocational trainings under the guidance of Emergency Room’s founder Eric Mathieu Ritter. Today it is the workshop in which we produce most of our items, most importantly the very unique jackets and coats that require dedication and attention to the finest and smallest details.


Mehwi Bros
An atelier located in the souks of Tripoli, run by two brothers that are both shirtmakers. They are the tailors behind all of our shirts, the crisp plain ones of our Code Blue line, but also the vibrant and graphic ones of our Code Orange line made out of up-cycled cotton bedsheets.