As a brand focused on up-cycling and creating one-of-a-kind pieces, we chose very early on to adopt a different communication strategy.
We do not believe in the industry’s outdated ways of doing, clothes have been treated as consumables for too long now.
At Emergency Room, we do not believe in portraying one standard ideal of beauty which you can only achieve by buying a product. Instead we choose to work with real people, amazing people of very different walks of life, with real bodies, that are neither perfect of imperfect, individuals who are proud of being different, happy to represent and embody our brand.


An expression perhaps best embodied by Eric’s own grandmother Hoda, who fearlessly accepted to pose at the age of 80 in outrageous outfits. At first doing it out of sheer love for her grandson, she ended up looking forward to each photoshoot session organized, teaching us how important it is to grow out of your comfort zone, showing us just how much happiness, you might find in new experiences, in embracing your entire self.


Hoda Ziade shot by Dunia Chahine