This year, not so lightly, we stated "الوجود مقاومة".
And if you know me, you'd know that I'd easily get these two words tattooed on my back forever.
I'm one of those who strongly believe that the grass is never greener elsewhere, and that we can make it green wherever we are.
Truth is, that is such a cocky statement.
Two cents infused with nauseating privilege.
Because yes, as I affirm that presence is resistance.
I know I'm privileged enough to have a plan B.
For when shit really hits the fan.
Truth is, even if it seems like things are going well.
Even if sometimes, through socials, it might even look like we're on top of the world.
I've actually never been as washed up and sad, as I am today.
I still believe the grass is not greener elsewhere, but mostly because it seems like the grass isn't and can't be green anywhere.
Truth is, the past year has been even more complicated and traumatizing than the ones that came before.
While it didn't bring any major PTSD inducing events.
It did make us hold our breath and develop coping mechanisms to adapt in ways no living being ever should.
Truth is, the world is a very dark place to be in right now.
But I still believe that we can turn things around.
I still believe we can make the grass green again.
If there's anything I learned this year, is that whatever happens, we are still connected by our common humanity.
Even in the darkest moments, I always found a smile, kind words, hands to hold and arms ready to help.
We've achieved so much this year.
And we owe you so much.
Countless times this year, across screens, across borders you all reminded me why.
Why we started.
Why we do it.
Why we make it happen.
Why we eat shit.
And get up and start again.
Why suffering matter.
And why existing is truly the greatest form of resistance.
Recklessly yours,
Eric Mathieu Ritter