On Thursday June 30th, we presented our third ‘Interlude’ during the Arab Menswear Fashion Week in Dubai. In line with the last two editions, this curation of one-off up-cycled pieces celebrates the brand’s master craft and favored technique of up-cycling.



While our main collections of are linked to one another in their narrative, like chapters of a story, each bringing forth new elements; ‘Interludes’ have become a playground for the team to have fun with impromptu and spontaneous takes on some of our best-selling items through one-off editions. And as such, the pieces of this collection are most importantly made out of printed bedsheets, table linens, curtains and shawls hand-picked in local thrift stores.



In addition to these now familiar materials, we deconstructed embroidered eveningwear to transfer them into t-shirts, used printed t-shirts to make jackets, skirts and dresses, and collaborated with MASBOUGHA a Beirut-based studio to create hand-dyed prints and patterns on white cotton shirts. To accessorize the looks, EMERGENCY ROOM partnered with WHITE MUSTANG to create small crossbody bags made from dead stock leather, adding a simple yet elaborate touch to complete the outfits.



Joining the cast of models on the runway, some Dubai-based friends and figures of the brand such as Jullz Bek, Joyce Hajal, Chadi and Zeina Mechaalani, highlighted our effort to champion and celebrate individuality and diversity. - The collection is ‘SEE NOW, SHOP NOW’, meaning the pieces are made available to shop instantly on our e-shop