Earlier this month, during Milan’s Menswear Fashion Week, we presented a collection of unique artisanal pieces in a video entitled ‘’Golden Rage’’. These one-of-a-kind designs are up-cycling experimentations through which we deconstructed Beirut’s golden age, the 60s, the 70s, and the iconic clothes of this period.

That first video introduces the theme of our Spring-Summer 2022 ready-to-wear collection: ‘’NEVERLAND’’, which was presented online, on Monday the 28th of June during the Arab Menswear Fashion Week organized by the Arab Fashion Council, and just before that to international buyers in Paris, at TRANOI, during Paris Menswear Fashion Week.



The video, produced by The Clinic Studios and directed by Iva Kovic is a three-part ode to our country, what it is, what it was, but mostly, what it could be. In it, we can see different people getting ready to go out after long periods of confinement.



The clothes we see them putting on stem from three of the four lines of the brand.

In the code blue section, t-shirts, shirts and jackets in black and white feature silk-screen prints in the back, most importantly the logo of the collection, a bootleg of the Mercedes logo, an iconic symbol in Lebanese graphic culture, often found adorning trucks, and developed in collaboration with Egyptian graphic designer Amro Thabit.



In the code yellow section, traditional cotton jacquard bedsheets in light pink, light blue and brown are used to make dip bleached jackets and shorts.



In the code orange section, which focuses on up-cycling thrifted second-hand and vintage materials, printed jersey t-shirts are deconstructed to form new, graphic tops and dresses. Striped shirts and embroidered house linens are patched and transformed into blouses, shirts and dresses. Linen and gabardine pants are used to make patched jackets and bottoms. Printed scarves are combined to form unique short sleeve shirts.



Through the collection itself, its graphic chart and the video, we aim to capture, process and catalyze the essence and energy of any conversation happening in Beirut at the moment, the socio-economic crisis, the truly slow post-pandemic remission, and most importantly, the deafening “Should-I-Stay-Or-Should- I-Go” inhabiting the minds of every Lebanese today, young or old.

EMERGENCY ROOM started as a brand centered around a community, harnessing the latter’s highs and lows, and working towards a better tomorrow. “NEVERLAND” is only the natural continuation, a response to a severe situation, a cry of frustration, but also resistance. Resistance through process, resistance through work, resistance through art, resistance through standing ground. EMERGENCY ROOM was born in Beirut, and in Beirut it shall stay.