Emergency Room's Second Fashion Show in Beirut Celebrates Creativity and Community

On May 9, 2024, we hosted our second fashion show in Beirut. The event, held under the BERYT program and sponsored by various organizations including the Sursock Palace Association, showcased collaborative collections co-created with Beirut-based creatives, highlighting unique up-cycled designs and local craftsmanship.

Dana Zeineddine, founder of the brand Linen LB, showcased her expertise in corsetry by creating one-of-a-kind pieces that redefined traditional silhouettes. Her collection featured corsets adapted into vests, shirts, bustles, skirts, and more, all crafted from thrifted materials, emphasizing sustainability and creativity.

Hoedy Saad, founder of the brand Siliqone, is well known for his boundary-pushing designs and performances. He joined the team in the workshop to design striking looks featuring cone-shaped elements on jackets, corsets, dresses, and suits. His collection embodied a graphic and bold aesthetic, resonating with Emergency Room's vision of celebrating individuality and self-expression.

Joseph Kiwan, a young creative with a mastery of craftsmanship and tailoring techniques, presented a collection of eight couture looks made from upcycled materials such as fur, vintage lace, and thrifted jewelry. His contribution showcased the artistry and innovation inherent in artisanal handmade production.

Invitations to the event were printed on grey and black thrifted t-shirts and delivered to a select few. This initiative aimed to highlight the value attributed to materials and raise awareness about sustainable fashion practices.

Orchestrated by Mark Achkouty, the show took the audience on a journey through three soundtracks curated by the team of designers, working in collaboration with Alex Chahine. Street-cast models, young models from Ille Channel, and signed models of Local Vice embodied various characters, telling the story of a vibrant city still recovering from challenges, set in a sumptuous palace bearing scars from the 4th of August blast.

''The ambition of this show is to deeply root the idea that Emergency Room stands for community'' said Eric Mathieu Ritter, founder of the brand. ''As we push forward the boundaries and lift the local fashion industry to new heights, this event celebrates the art of making clothes and brings people together to celebrate life.''

Pictures by Claude Bou Haroun

By Emergency Room