On May 4th, 2023, we sent our latest collection “Home Sweet Home”, with a twist, down the runway to celebrate our 5th anniversary at home, in Beirut, at Beirut Art Center

 We have regularly shown at Dubai Fashion Week for the last year and a half. Nevertheless, orchestrating a fashion show in Beirut comes with its own symbolism. While Dubai stands for international recognition, Beirut stands for endless resilience.

“This anniversary is a significant milestone, and we had to commemorate it with those who have been unconditionally supporting us since day one, despite the dire circumstances the country is going through. I also hope that this show kickstarts a more active Lebanese fashion calendar.” – Eric Mathieu Ritter.

The Beiruti “Home Sweet Home” show was built around the casted models, friends of the brand and models from Local Vice, who flew in to recreate an Emergency Room family reunion backstage. The collection plan did not only revisit and revive the archives, but also introduced new custom and made-to-measure looks tailored for and reflecting the models’ larger than life spirit and unique characters.

The collection honored the brand’s aesthetics by opting for upcycled denim and poplin while borrowing elements from evening dresses and adopting new cuts and construction techniques. Stand out pieces include a rounded take on the iconic embroidered denim jacket, shirts in deadstock men’s tailoring fabric, face masks and fish pouches.

The same “fish pouch” design was reedited using fabric waste. The red, blue, and yellow fishes were sent out as invitations. Meanwhile, show guests were offered a heartfelt note written by the brand’s founder: Eric Mathieu Ritter.

Curated by Alex Chahine, the show’s soundtrack featured a mashup of various genres, such as Pop, French and Arabic, mimicking the various tastes and playlists one can hear flipping trough radio stations while driving down the beautiful Lebanese roads. The music complemented the outfits on the runway and reinforced the idea that “Beirut” is a complex and multifaceted home.

As we celebrate our 5th anniversary among family and friends, we aim to revive our commitment to overcoming challenges and remaining firmly rooted in Beirut.

Lastly, we would like to thank our sponsors, who also see in Beirut an undying home. Thank you “LED it be” for the neon sign. Thank you “La Brocante ARCENCIEL” for the vintage couches and seats. Thank you “Chateau Saint Thomas” for the beverages.

Pictures by Christian Abou Fayssal
Text by Christelle from The Way It Is Worn
By Overworked Beirut