On Sunday, January 30th we presented ‘Interlude’ in Dubai during the Arab Menswear Fashion Week organized by the Arab Fashion Council.

‘Interlude’ is a collection of unique pieces made out of up-cycled materials. Because of the process used to design these items, they cannot be replicated and therefore are one-offs.



In the making of these designs, we wholeheartedly desired to go back to the brand’s origins. Which is why very instinctively, we scavenged the souks of Tripoli for second hand and vintage materials we could use to make clothes. The outcome is a collection of heavily printed unique and bold pieces made out of curtains, bedsheets, towels and other fabrics.



While styling the looks for the show, we wished to emphasize the boldness and beauty of these salvaged materials by mixing them up, assembling strong, often clashing prints and punctuating the looks with accessories, introducing a whole range of new items to our collection.

Quirky spiked hats and caps in up-cycled fleece, denim and other materials are used to cover the head; while handbags, pouches, cross-bags and fanny packs produced in collaboration with ‘White Mustang’ a burgeoning Beirut-based brand, enhance the looks and root the second hand materials in their new active lifestyle.



The show starts with a voice over explaining that the pieces shown can be instantly purchased on our online store, before delving into a montage of pictures from our work process and finally stopping on a still video of a busy street in the souks of Tripoli, background of the show, and of our work process.

As we reassess our work and operations, we are choosing to step away from the usual fashion calendar. This collection and show are our first approach to a ‘see now shop now’ model, a direction that fits our ethos and aligns much better with our design and production processes.