As a brand that always placed a lot of importance on environmentally-friendly practices, we have never discounted our products for various reasons. However, as we get ready to celebrate our 5th anniversary, we are gathering some pieces that we decided to give a last chance to before making them vanish forever*. 


During two days, samples, discontinued styles, one-off presentation pieces, pieces that were borrowed and pieces that simply did not pass quality check will be available for purchase at discounted prices ranging from 20$ to 80$, in store and online.


While the decision to discount our products has not been an easy one to take, we find comfort in the balance that we are trying to maintain juggling our different values. While safekeeping the environment is a concern of ours, providing work and decent living conditions to our garment makers is as equally important. As a social enterprise, we hold a responsibility towards the seamstresses and tailors that we work with and who rely on the income generated by making the clothes we sell.


*please note that the pieces that will not be sold during the two-day event will be up-cycled an used in our future production as we have done in the past transforming unsold items into new Emergency Room or Overworked products.