PROCESS: The making of our up-cycled denim jackets

Working with used materials is not an easy task. When working with thrifted, second hand, used materials many unexpected challenges arise along the way, from scratches to holes to stains and having to deal with different thicknesses, every up-cycled piece we produce presents a new set of complications to our production team that have to adapt and develop solutions as they go.

Over the course of time and through our practice we have become masters of troubleshooting and problem solving.

With this blog post, we want to take you behind the scenes, show you how we make our embroidered denim cut jackets in up-cycled jeans, step by step.


This is how we buy and receive the raw material, to make our embroidered denim cut jackets we use discarded second hand jeans that we purchase in bulk.

The thrifted jeans are then machine washed to ensure we are working with clean materials.

The cleaned jeans are then individually cut on all seams, this is done to make sure we have a flattened surface.

We then cut our pattern pieces, one by one in the most ideal way, making sure the very least amount of fabric is going to waste.

Then, it's off to the sewing machines, where the pieces are assembled by a team of skilled seamstresses.


Inside the jacket, all of the seams are overlocked.

The longest and most meticulous step happens last; the finished jacket is hand embroidered on all seams with a thick cotton thread.

One last bit of ironing, and our jacket is done.

Pictures: Iftikhar Kanawati